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The SCJA Scholarship fund was originally funded with a donation of $2,000 from Croghan’s Jewel Box of Charleston in memory of Kathy Wagers.  Kathy loved her many years working in the industry first as a Manager for Croghan’s and later in her own store in Mount Pleasant.  The Fund welcomes honorariums and memorial donations to continue the legacy.  A $400 scholarship will be awarded annually.


Apply for scholarships to courses offered by:

·                                 Gemological Institute of America (GIA)

·                                 Jewelers Education Foundation of American Gem Society (JEF)

·                                 Bench Studies

Applicants must be an employee at a SCJA-member store and at least 18 years of age. You must have at least one year’s experience in a SCJA-member store or two years’ experience in the jewelry industry. You may not apply for scholarships to courses or programs in which you were previously, or are currently, enrolled. Applicants must complete their course or program within its allotted time. 



Applicant Information

Name (First/MI/Last):                                                              Date of Birth:


Store Name:


Store Address:


Business Phone:                                                           Email:


Current Position:                                                            Hire Date:


Educational Background

High School (Name/City/State):


College/University (Name/City/State):


Technical Schools or Training:




Previous Work Experience in the Jewelry Industry

Company Name:


Company Address:


Position:                                                                       Hire Date:                                             

                                                                                    Termination Date:                                  

Company Name:


Company Address:


Position                                                                                    Hire Date:                                             

                                                                                    Termination Date:                                  

(Use additional paper for other significant employment history and staple to application)

Have you every won a SCJA scholarship?                                    If so, when?                              


Course History

Courses Completed:                                                                                                                  



Courses in Process:                                                                                                                  


Letter of Recommendation

O Enclosed

Enrollment Form

O Enclosed

(Provide a COPY of your course enrollment form)

  • Winners will be notified following the Association’s Annual Conference. 
  • Payment will be remitted as reimbursement directly to the student following documentation of course completion. 
  • Enrollment must be within one month of notification of scholarship
  • Winner is to provide documentation of course completion within the allotted time required by the course.

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